Antalya release v1.0.21 now available

If your using RX470/480/570/580 cards then this release is for you!

We’ve been developing super-optimized algorithms for these cards the past month. These algorithms also utilize an improved version of our SSR technology to reduce stale shares.

The result is way better performance than claymore & ethminer when using these cards. We will start work porting this to Vega soon.

We’ve implemented some nice things under the hood, event handling and websocket support allows us to support an API soon. GPU’s should also now be linked correctly to their sysFS entries.

Automatic algorithm detection which chooses the best algorithm for your card.

We’ve also started supporting NVidia although more work needed and testing with various cards, we’ve really concentrated on AMD up until now but you should now be able to mine with the generic algorithm.

Our initial tests are indicating around a 10% valid share increase compared to latest Claymore build, send us your feedback / results.

Download the Antalya release at the download section, have fun!