Just released major update 0.11


We’ve been working hard the past months to bring you this major update to TurboMiner.

The first two beta releases suffered from a couple of nasty bugs which caused a crash whenever the DAG updated. These issues have now been solved and we’ve added a load of new goddies and improvements.

The main new features / fixes / improvements:

[BUG FIX] Exit when generating new DAG on EPOCH change.
[BUG FIX] Display of core / memory clock frequencies incorrect
[BUG FIX] Stale share detection working
[BUG FIX] Various stratum fixes to support more mining pools

[FEATURE] Display gpu core voltage.
[IMPROVEMENT] Optimized kernel further.
[FEATURE] Allow running custom scripts. Periodically or after mining events and GPU lockups. (to reset machine or do custom actions)
[FEATURE] Command line arguments now supported
[IMPROVEMENT] Logging improved.
[FEATURE] Support for extranonce. Eg nicehash
[FEATURE] Do not submit stale / submit hashrate options
[FEATURE] MacOS support.
[IMPROVEMENT] Over / underclocking and voltage setting improvements.

Download from the downloads section.

Comments as always welcome: info@turbominer.com