Optimized Next Generation Ethereum Miner
for Windows, Linux and MacOS


Turbo Miner is a highly optimized Ethereum and Ethereum Classic GPU miner. Designed from the ground up to maximize your mining profits it uses advanced Stale Share Reduction technology to ensure no time is wasted mining old blocks, with typical stale shares of  much less that 1%.

Turbo Miner also gives you complete control of your GPU’s, allowing per card settings of clock rates, fan speeds, work group sizes and more.

Advanced diagnostic information is displayed per card including power usage per hash to aid tuning of your GPU’s to maximize profit.

Features include:

Fastest Ethereum mining software
Lowest Developer Fee (0.5%)
OpenCL – AMD and NVidia compatible
Highly Optimized with low CPU usage
Stale Share Reduction Technology
Compatible with most mining pools
Super optimized, low latency algorithms for AMD RX4x0 and RX5x0 series.
Specific algorithms for AMD Vega & NVIDIA coming soon.
Temperature / Fan control
Overclocking and/or clock setting support
Undervolt support
Multi-threaded mining supported
Stratum protocol
Comprehensive mining / card statistics.
Feedback on temperature and power usage, watts per hash etc.
Current exchange rate information
Highly configurable mining options per card
Automatic Lockup Detection
Simple installation
Available for Windows, Linux & MacOS

Turbo Miner captures a developer fee whilst mining of 0.5%. This is achieved by mining for roughly a minute every four hours on our Ethereum address. The fee covers our running and development costs and will ensure continued development and support going forward. 

Actual screen shots of a two card mining rig, 2 X AMD RX-570, cores underclocked to 1150Mhz and memory @ 1900 and 1950Mhz resp. Stock voltages.

Latest news

1st windows build available now!

1st windows build available now!

We’ve finished the initial porting of the windows build. We have not finished fan support or overclocking yet but the...

Antalya release v1.0.21 now available

If your using RX470/480/570/580 cards then this release is for you! We’ve been developing super-optimized algorithms for these cards the...

Just released major update 0.11

  We’ve been working hard the past months to bring you this major update to TurboMiner. The first two beta...

v0.10 Release is out !!!

We’ve have just released the second beta. It’s available in the downloads section. Lots of small bug fixes and improvements...

Feedback request

Let us know what you think of Turbo Miner, we’d especially like to know if you have encountered any issues...

Website up and running

Turbominer.com is up and running, over the coming period we’ll add more content and soon the 0.10 beta, stay tuned!